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Online Marketing

Eez & Co guides companies into the online world. Develops and applies online marketing strategies. In order for companies and associations to engage with new and existing customers. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, your website. Define the channels where your customers/members are, create a content program, analyze your actions.


Eez & Co develops websites from an agile point of view. Technology and design standards change every month. Or so it seems. We create websites that blend seamlessly with your needs. Now and next year.

Social Academy

Learning how to …. use Pinterest, use a #, work with @, grow your customers into a fanbase, create your own online strategy. I offer courses to organizations and people in order for them to become a trusted online brand.

Tooling & Analytics

Growing into a brand, creating a fanbase doesn’t come easily. It takes a plan, endurance, humor, content, tooling and lots of analytics. Tools are there to oversee your activities and the activities of your target markets. Analytics to change or go on. I help you to choose the right tooling and know how to analyze social data.

Who is Eez & Co?!


Ee Is my nickname given by my friends. And the Z stands for Zwagerman. It’s that simple! And then I love the phonetically part…. EEZ is prounounced as EASE…. No worries, feel comfi. It’s how i look at life every day again.

The Co

I participate in a community of marketeers, web designers and technological geeks. Together we support companies and people to step into the online world and connect with people out there.

My inspirators

  • Aung San Suu Khy who dedicates her life for the freedom of Burma. With great dignity, calmness and respect
  • Mari Smith, the American Facebook expert who challenges Facebook, teaches her followers and knows all the ins and outs of Facebook probably even before Mark Z. does
  • Social Media Examiner – a great blog about everything there is to know in the world of online marketing


Edith Zwagerman

Edith Zwagerman

Online Marketing & Community Guide

Skype: edithzwagerman

In the late ‘90s I have had the opportunity to work together with a great visionary in the field of online networking. Small reminder … It’s the era before Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. I then got the understanding that because of the internet it would be possible to connect people to each other without the intervention of bureaucratic organizations. I realized that this would provide limitless possibilities to companies and people because borders do not exist in the online world. Need I say more… LinkedIn was born on May 5, 2003, February 4, 2004 Facebook, Twitter on March 21, 2006.

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