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Social Media Management

Engaging with fans, followers, friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We help you to get started or bring your social media to the next level. From actionable strategy to online work in progress.

Social Media Academy

Learn everything there is to know about toolings, hashtags, strategies, growing fanbases, ads, engaging with customers. Practical courses with lots of insights in the online world.


Is your website ready for the mobile world? Does it attract new customers? We create websites that integrate with your online media channels. And which invite the visitor to start a dialogue, buy a thing in your shop, become active.

Social tooling

It’s all about monitoring and algorithms. Keywords, profiles, bio’s, hashtags, scheduled updates… automation is key. We help you working with the right tools and apps to constantly improve your actions.

I believe the is a community in which everyone has the opportunity to connect with each other. A backyard where creating relationships and sharing knowledge is so easy that – every day – we discover a wealth of new sources and create relationships that previously seemed impossible.

Create & implement online strategies
Develop websites
Teach clients about online marketing
Talk about online marketing
Blog about tips trics good-to-knows
  • Always integrate social media with your website
  • Don’t pay too much for your website, you don’t want the same for 5 years
  • Use latest technology and designs; the world of websites changes every day
  • Have your own people make the tweets, updates and let them connect with your customers
  • Online media love trail & error. Analyze, adjust and move on. Do it with a plan. Make it short and clear

My Clients

companies that entered the online world

  • Hermans & Schuttevaer Notarissen

    A notary office in Utrecht where the notaries don’t like dust. They’re not afraid for innovation and therefore break new ground for the entire Dutch notary market.


    Justine Tielemans
    Boardmember, Notary
  • Schiphol Group

    By 2018 Schiphol has grown into the airport of tomorrow. Creating a new pier and terminal with state of the art facilities will help them become the most modern airport of the world.

    Geert Geurtjens
    Director New A-pier & terminal
  • Inretail

    The branch organization for non-food retail located a beautiful transparent clubhouse. The office serves as an example for future organizations. They understand well that innovation is key to the future for the retail industry


    The Dutch Volleyball Association aims for an ambitious future. Their mission is about connecting all volleyball players in the Netherlands. Just like winning European & World Championships and Golden Olympic Medals


    Joelle Staps
  • Capgemini

    The IT Consultancy house with French roots. Already won the award “Best recruitment site’ of the Netherlands and they do everything in their power to head the list of most innovative consulting firms.


    Yvonne Ooms
    Director Recruitment
  • KLM

    Not many people knew about the great IT job opportunities KLM offers. With an IT organization consisting of 1600 employees, it is one of Holland’s largest IT organizations. Every day they offer state of the art IT solutions to be the best airliner of the world.

    Els Polhuijs
    Director HR
Club Vooruit
Koninklijke Horeca Nederland
Hermans & Schuttevaer Notarissen