Els Polhuijs


Not many people knew about the great IT job opportunities KLM offers. With an IT organization consisting of 1600 employees, it is one of Holland’s largest IT organizations. Every day they offer state of the art IT solutions to be the best airliner of the world.

Joelle Staps


The Dutch Volleyball Association aims for an ambitious future. Their mission is about connecting all volleyball players in the Netherlands. Just like winning European & World Championships and Golden Olympic Medals


Yvonne Ooms


The IT Consultancy house with French roots. Already won the award “Best recruitment site’ of the Netherlands and they do everything in their power to head the list of most innovative consulting firms.


Siegfried Woldhek

Stichting Nabuur

The first online development organization that is build from the beliefs that no bureaucratic organization is required to help people in need. Connect them to virtual neighbors elsewhere in the world and sharing of knowledge, money, relationships and other means is a direct consequence.